Beharbari Outpost Actors Real Names [ Fb/Instagram Profiles]


Beharbari Outpost is the most popular Assamese TV Serial. It is also the longest television serial of Northeast. This series is revolved around Beharbari Outpost which is lead by SI Pritam and followed by Constable KK, CID Mohan, Beauty Bilung and many more characters. This team solves a new problem every week with a massage to the Public.

Here are the real names of the Beharbari Outpost Actors including their social profiles.

KK (Krishna Kamal Khatoniar) – Siddartha Sharma

kk-beharbari original name

Krinshnakam Khatoniar, popularly known as KK, is one of the most popular characters of Beharbari Outpost. The actor plays the role is Siddartha Sharma. Born in Nagaon, Siddartha is alumni of ADP College. His has unique acting skills and his sense of dialogue delivery is just amazing. Aau Hori Aau Ram and E Mojaa are the most popular dialogs of his character KK. Siddartha is also active in stage drama parallel to the television.

Facebook in Siddarth Sharma

Mohan – Deepjyoti Keot

mogan-beharbari- real name

Actor Deepjyoti Keot plays the role of Mohan, another popular character of Beharbari Outpost. Even if you don’t watch the serial on television, you might watch his comedy clips on social media for sure. Mohan and KK are the backbone of Beharbari Outpost and people just love their acting. Deepjyoti Keot was born in December 28, 1988 at Nagaon. He was a student of Nagaon Govt. boys school and Nowgong College.

Facebook Profile of Deepjyoti

O jin jin .. kk sir e muk bengena dise

SI Sir – Pritam Baruah

si-sir-beharbari real name

Actor Pritam Baruah plays the role of SI sir, the chief of Beharbari Oupost. When he is not around, KK calls him Xotradhikar.

Facebook Profile of Pritam Baruah

English Ma’am – Sravanti Sharma


English Ma’am is another poplular character of Beharbari. She is the crush of every Beharbari characters except SI Sir. The hot and sizzling Sravanti Sharma plays the character of English ma’am. Sravanti is a student of J.B. Law College, Guwahati.

Sravanti on Facebook | Instagram

Moni Bou


The character Moni is the wife of KK. Papori Borah plays the role of Moni. She belongs to Nagaon.

Papori on Facebook

Mukuta Da


Aswini Deka plays the role of Mukuta Da

Aswini on Facebook

Basumati Bailong


Sumki Sum Kachari from Golaghat plays Basumati Bailong. Bailong is the broiler baby of KK. Mohan calls her “Dosti”.

Sumki on Facebook


susmita-beharbari- real name

Actor Parbin Sultana plays the role of Susmita.

Parbin on Facebook


hirok-kaushik-beharbari lutukan

Hirak Kaushik Boruah plays the role of Lutukan

Hirak on facebook

Rakesh Da

rakesh-beharbari real name

Rintu Bora plays the role of Rakesh.

Rintu Bora on Facebook


horo-beharbari real name

Surya Krishna plays the role of Horo

Surya Krishna on Facebook


neha-beharbari real name

Angusmita Gogoi plays the role of Neha. She studied law in Dibrugarh University and she is from Naharkotiya.

Angusmita Gogoi on Facebook

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