10 Famous Things to Buy in Guwahati – Unique Souvenirs Ideas


Before leaving any destination, every traveler looks forward to collecting something as a memento. This reminds the experience of a journey. Although shopping is always a very sensitive topic as everyone has a unique taste and style. But, if you are here then you should consider these eight famous things to buy in Guwahti.

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1. Tea Leaves


Assam Tea is well-known in India and across the whole world. Assam happens to be one of the few places in the world where tea is planted in the plains. The Assam tea has a very nice smell, as is nice in taste too. There are many local markets in Assam, where one can find tea leaves. Many of the tourists coming from outside definitely take these souvenirs with them.

Assam is the largest tea producing state in India. Assam Tea is very much popular in India and across the world. The Assam tea has a unique smell, as is amazing in taste too. There are many local markets in Assam, where one can find tea leaves. Assam is one of the few places on earth where tea is grown in plains and it is the single largest bordering tea growing region in the world which includes the northern Brahmaputra valley, the Cachar hills, the southern Barak valley and Karbi.

The tea grown in Assam has a deep fragrance, rich colour as well as a malty taste. You can also visit India’s largest tea research centre located at Tocklai in Jorhat. Most importantly as you leave Guwahati, you can collect a pack of CTC Assam tea. CTC tea leaves are freshly packed and it comes in many irresistible and fresh flavor packs.

2. Assam Silk


Although there are several states in India where you can shop for silk products, Assam has its own share of silk heaven.The state produces one of the finest qualities of silk. Silk found here is relatively expensive due to it better quality.

The three main types of silk here are Muga, Pat and Eri silk. Muga silk is widely used in Assam and many of the traditional dresses are made out of it.

Muga silk is used to make traditional Assamese dress for women (mekhela chador) and other garments like sarees, kurtas etc.Pat silk are smoother than Muga and they are also used for making clothing, perhaps Pat silk will make a fine summer wear. Eri silk, on the other hand, is a bit coarse and unrefined; hence, they are mostly used to make shawls.

3. Handicraft


Guwahati is the primary hub of all the Northeastern states, and being home to a large number of tribes and sub-tribes you will find vivid handmade crafts here. Assam has various kinds of handicraft products. The state is full of wood, bamboo and various tribes who make these. You can find a variety of handicraft items right here. Handicrafts items are one of the most famous things to buy in Guwahati.

  • Handloom
  • Jewelry
  • Bamboo and Cane products
  • Brass and Bell metal crafts
  • Pottery
  • Woodcraft
  • Masks
  • Terracotta
  • Traditional Paintings
  • Toys

Apart from the wood handicraft products, the metal-craft items and pottery are also very popular.

4. Pickles


The pickles of Assam and other North East states have greate taste. Most of these are home-made and tangy and spicy in taste. You can find many variants of these pickles. While buying the pickles you have to choose an ovariant amongthe various options.

Pickles of Assam are beautifully prepared, they are homely, organic. These pickles are made from local herbs and you won’t find such varity and taste anywhere. These pickles are infused with dried fish, bamboo shoots, pork, beef, sesame, chicken, you can pick whatever you like. In the process of making, these pickles are dipped in mustard oil, plain salt or vinegar and then stored or soaked them in the sun. When you are in Guwahati, a packed of a pickle is a must buy product.

5. Singing Bowls


Singing bowl is another popular choice of tourist for its uniqueness. Some of these bowls are designed with mantras engraved on them and it is believed that it brings peace and happiness in life. Another amazing thing about these bowls are that you will hear a calming sound while you rotate the handle around the bowl. The price of these bowls varies according to size. Tourists love this singing bowl and you can also have this for your collection.

6. Hand Made Toys


Toys in Assam are made in the most ethnic and the traditional way. Figures of Gods and Goddesses, animals and many mythological figures are crafted by the local craftsmen of the state. The toys of Assam have been broadly classified under four categories, they are: clay toys, pith, wooden and bamboo toys, and cloth and cloth-and-mud toys.

Assam’s Goalpara district is famous for the cork or pith toys. In this instance, mostly figures of birds, animal figures and forms of gods and goddesses are used for the output. Toys are also carved in wood. Wood and bamboo have been used for toy making for a long time. The toys made of cloth, or a mixture of cloth and mud, have also become a part of the Assamese toy making culture.

7. Jaapi & Wooden Rhino Statue


The jaapi or japi is a traditional funnel-shaped hat of Assam. Jaapi is considered to be a symbol of Assamese culture and worn in a style of Bihu dance. Jaapi offered as a sign of respect in rituals, and positioned as a decorative item around the house, especially near the front door as a welcome sign. It is made from strongly woven bamboo and/or cane and tokou paat a large, palm leaf.

Again, as we know that Assam is known for its one-horned rhinos, you can find handmade wooden rhinos as a memento. These are ideal for home/office decoration, gift, and felicitation. These wooden statues of a Rhino come in various sizes. A Rhino statue is a must carry souvenir from Assam.

8. Assamese Traditional Jewelry


Assam has a rich tradition of manufacturing gold jewellery dates back to several centuries. These jeweleries are typically hand-made, and the designs mostly depict floral and fauna treasures of the region.

The designs of Assamese traditional jeweleries are simple, beautiful and they never go out of fashion. Many of the designs are exclusive to this state only.These are decorated with vibrant red gemstone, ruby or mina. Black, red and green colors on are most favorites among the buyers. Each piece has a name which describes and indicates the shape and decorative work done on it.

9. Phulam Gamusa (Towel)


The Gamusa/Gamosa/Gamocha is an article of great significance for the people of Assam and the very symbol of Assamese culture. A Gamusa is a white rectangular piece of cloth with primarily a red border on three sides and red woven motifs on the fourth. In addition to red, other colors are also used.

Gamusa is one of the most easily recognizable cultural symbols of Assam. It is an integral part of almost all social/cultural ceremonies. Gamusa is one of the most famous things to buy in Guwahati.

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10. Traditional Mask


Masks, also known as mukhas, are the base of the Assamese culture and tradition. They are worn mostly during theatres and bhaonas. Bhaona is a traditional form of entertainment, always with religious messages, prevalent. Since ages, these masks have been the focus of each and every cultural event of Assam. These traditional masks are created from a variety of materials, ranging from terracotta and bamboo to wood, pith and metals.

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