11 Reasons Why Life in Northeast India is Awesome


Northeast India is a known green paradise known all over India because of all the right reasons. The region, being peacefully placed in the palm of Green Hills is the answer to Life in a natural habitat.

It’s not only the haunting beauty of the place that sets Northeast India apart, but its the lifestyle and the culture it builds around that astonishes a common mind! Life is simpler, friendlier, and most of all, it’s quiet, and peaceful without the fast hustle of the city life. In short, the way that life should be!

To give you a precise idea of what we are on about, here are reasons that prove why life on Northeast India is just plain extraordinarily better!

1. No Dowry

While Dowry shrouds a black cloud over many regions of India, Northeast India is free of this irrational and frankly, disgusting practice of the Dowry System. When a girl gets married, there is just welcoming hearts waiting for her and not demanding begging hands!

2. Women Empowerment

Where parts of the nation fight for women empowerment, Meghalaya triumphs over the whole lot here. Meghalaya, Shillong has the largest Matrilineal society in India. In here, the women folk are decision-makers of the household. Also, in parts of  Northeast, it’s only the female that can inherit family property and not male. This is not what gender equality looks like, but the region sure has a thing for women empowerment!

Women Empowerment
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3. Land of the Rising Sun

Who doesn’t like a sunrise? However, waking really early to see one is a different thing! Speaking of early, Arunachal Pradesh, aptly called “The Land of the Rising Sun” is the region that experiences the first sunrise in India! Just the beauty of this scene is enough to brighten any mood for the day! The whole of northeast is planted with numerous such marvelous sights for your eyes. A Nature Lover and Traveler’s paradise!

4. Literate People with a Rational Mindset

Northeast India, collectively, is one of the most literate regions of India! Talk about literate people with rational reasoning, we’re it! In the region, Tripura and Mizoram are known to be two of the most literate states.

Mawlynnong- cleanest village in asia
Mawlynnong – the cleanest village in Asia

5. Cleanliness

Swaach Bharat! We really mean it here, a reason why Northeast India is home to the cleanest village in Asia, Mawlynnong. The place, other than being utterly clean also has a 100% literacy rate! Northeast India is actually dubbed India’s cleanest region! We’re the neat freaks!

6. Land of Diversity and Cultures

The Land of Diversity. Nagaland, a lush green paradise of a place is home to 17 Tribes speaking 36 languages. In fact, every village of Nagaland has its own tribe and each one of these tribes wears its heritage with pride! Other than these, there are over 220 languages spoken all over Northeast India! Amidst these diverse cultures, there is always understanding and respect for each culture, a contributing factor to the harmony and peaceful nature of the region.

Image by: @styleisnortheast/Instagram

7. Trust factor

Trust is often an underlying factor in any human relationship and people of Mizoram take it up a notch with their unattended shops. This is called “Nghah Lou Dawr Culture of Mizoram” with “Nghah Lou Dawr” meaning shop without shopkeepers. The way things work here is on the trust that customers can take whatever they want and will leave the price of the goods on the Deposit Box. Level of Trust in this beautiful region is on the next level!

8. Liquor Lover’s Paradise

Liquor lover’s sweet abode! Almost the entire of Northeast India have their own traditional home-brewed liquor for their occasions. Be it Apong in Arunachal Pradesh, Zou of the Bodo People, Xaz (haaj– traditional Ahom drink) of Assam, Chuwarak of Tripura, Judima of Dimasa People, Kiaad of Meghalaya, Zutho of Nagaland, or Sekmai Yu of Manipur, each region has a specially brewed liquor for its occasions! A Beer lover will surely fall in love with this place in an instant!

9. Cold and Pleasant Weather

Mawsynram, a village in Meghalaya is known as one of the wettest place on Earth with rainfall recorded as high as 26,000 millimeters a year! And as its friend on the area nearby is Cherrapunjee, one of the other wettest place on Earth! If you’re a fan of the rain and the cold weather, Northeast India won’t disappoint you for sure!

10. Musically Rich

The whole of Northeast India is a musically enriched region with Shillong, Meghalaya known as the Rock Capital Of India. Other than this, there are numerous well-known music festivals and otherwise in the Region being held all year long! Some of the most anticipated events of the year include Hornbill Festival of Kohima, Bacardi NH& of Shillong, Ziro Music Festival, etc.

11. Variety of Flora and Fauna

Northeast India is home to a wide variety of Flora and Fauna in the country with nearly 70% of India’s Orchids found in the region. It’s not only the orchids that find its home in Northeast India, the famed one-horned Rhino, Red Panda, Golden Langurs, Sangai, Hoolock Gibbons, Hornbills, Roofed Turtle, etc, are also found in the majestic land of Northeast India.

These are just a few of the reasons that prove that Life in the Hills of Northeast India is just better. Like we said in the start, it’s not just the beauty of the place that mesmerizes a being but its culture, people, human traits, rational thinking, and everything in between that adds to the beauty of this place!

The way of Life here is not as fast-paced as in rest of India and that is a good thing, it keeps the residents relaxed and happy, after all, that’s what matters. That’s how life is supposed to be lived and that’s how Northeast India lives!

Be it the avid traveler, nature lover, events enthusiast, or just an average joe looking for some peace of mind, there’s something for everyone in here and everyone’s welcome at any time of the year!

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