Intricate Traditional Mehndi Design Ideas


Mehndi, commonly known as henna is a traditional aspect of any marriage. Before the wedding ceremony, a pre-wedding function is held for mehndi, especially for the bride and her relatives. These days, brides have started to experiment with traditional designs to create more intricate and beautiful designs for their bridal mehndi. Although there are many new mehndi designs like minimalistic or Arabic, the most popular design is the intricate traditional mehndi design that brides prefer even now. Here are some intricate traditional mehndi design ideas that you should definitely consider for your mehndi design:

Mirror reflecting design

Intricate traditional wedding mehndi can include Arabic designs that mirror each other when the bride puts her hands together. This design is one of the most commonly used designs for bridal mehndi and many brides get this particular design customized as well, with the initials of the groom’s name. You can choose whatever particular design you wish to get and get it mirrored to reflect a similar design on the other hand. Even though looks very simple and elegant but can take some considerable time to be completed because of the intricacies involved in the design. Especially when it comes to mirroring the exact design, you will definitely need a professional if you opt for the mirror reflecting design. 

Peacock motifs

One of the most popular traditional mehndi designs includes the peacock with all its feathers spread surrounded by various flowers, as it makes for a beautiful design that suits the occasion. Many millennials prefer this intricate design because it is traditional yet minimalistic, which suits them the most. 

Veil sheet patterns

When the bride enters the mandap or the place where the auspicious ceremony takes place, generally there is a floral veil over her head which is carried by a few of her family members. Similar patterns are drawn as a part of the intricate traditional mehndi designs for the bride. They represent the same veil and also stand for the auspiciousness of the occasion. Many bridal mehndi artists have some amazing ideas when it comes to veil sheet patterns. Also, this design can be used as a part of another mehndi design as well. 

Traditional Rajasthani Mehndi design

If you want to go for a typical Rajasthani mehndi design, you can select the one with elephants interspersed with leaves and flowers. Elephants used to signify royalty in the earlier times and many princesses used their imprints on the mehndi design. If you are planning a very royal and elegant wedding, especially a destination wedding at a renowned cultural heritage, this mehndi design will go perfectly with the theme of the wedding. You can also opt for an attire with elephant prints to match with this mehndi as it is very popular and easily available.

Human figures imprinted in the design

In this era where personalization is highly valued and trending in everything from clothes to accessories, many brides also prefer to get their mehndi designs customized by getting the faces of the bride and groom drawn as part of the design. Some brides also get the favourite characters of the bride and groom drawn as part of her bridal mehndi design. 

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Image Via: Aditis Mehendi Art 
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