Travel for Students: How to Arrange Unforgettable Winter Holidays on a Student Budget

During the winter holidays, students finally get a break after a challenging semester. While it’s important to relax, it’s also important to take advantage of that extra time you have. Visiting a new place is a must!

How you spend your winter vacation will set up the mood for the next semester. When you recharge your batteries and live through some experiences you’ve wished for, you’ll be ready to dedicate the next few months to studying. 

We’ll share a few tips on how to make your winter holidays unforgettable! The real question is: how do you have a great time when you’re on a budget?

5 Winter Break Tips for College Students on a Budget

1. See Trips as a Self-Care Habit

A trip alone or with your friends can be a great opportunity to reinvent yourself.

Self-care habits don’t have to mean anything expensive, such as spa days or luxury massages. They can be something as simple as meditation, hitchhiking, or taking time for yourself every single day. “If I want to go on a trip but I have a research paper to write, I’ll pay someone to do my homework and I’ll have a relaxing weekend.” That’s a good way to start! You’ll still get your homework on time. If you have a good rest, you’ll get it perfectly done next time.

When you see traveling as something important you do for yourself, saving money for your trips will get easier.

2. Have a Skiing Weekend

Skiing is a great way to challenge yourself. If you’ve never tried it, it should definitely become a point on your bucket list. The only problem is that skiing tends to be an expensive hobby when you don’t know the tricks. The equipment costs a lot of money, but you can always rent it. You don’t have to opt for the fanciest ski resort. With and similar services, you can book affordable accommodation.

A short weekend trip to a nearby location won’t cost a lot. You can share the traveling and accommodation costs with your friends. Hey; you don’t even have to ski if you’re still not ready to try it. You’ll still enjoy the snow and parties.  

3. Explore a City Nearby

You may have walked through your own or a nearby city countless times before, but have you explored it like a tourist? You’ll be surprised by the amazing scenes and places you’ll discover.

Don’t avoid the mainstream “touristy” destination. Did you know that native Parisians are surprised when they realize that visiting the Eiffel Tower is an enjoyable experience? Go ahead and visit all the places that tourists target! That’s a great way to feel like you’re on a vacation without spending any money on accommodation. 

4. Stay Physically Active

When students travel for a winter break, they mostly focus on parties. It’s OK to spend your time drinking and eating out. But that’s also a sure way to go over your budget. Instead of partying all the time, you can try something else: staying physically active.

Go trekking or hiking at least once when you visit a winter destination! You’ll enjoy the snow and the fresh air. It’s the most luxurious experience you can get for free! 

5. Have a Road Trip with Your Friends

When you’re on a budget, sharing expenses is a good way to experience as much as possible. A road trip is the perfect getaway for a group of friends. You’ll find many exciting places nearby, so you won’t have to travel too far.

Road trips can be exhausting, especially for the one driving. But they are also fun! They enable you to see the natural wonders and actual communities along the way. You’d miss that if you traveled directly to a location by plane or bus.

6. Set Yourself Free!

The winter break gives you a chance to relax, away from all college responsibilities. You’ll be back to classes and assignments before you know it, so use this time wisely. Staying at home watching TV shows for the entire time is an option, but it’s not something you’ll remember for years to come. A trip with your friends, on the other hand, is a great experience! 

The good news is that winter vacations don’t have to cost a lot of money. With the tips we offered above, you’ll find a way to enjoy this break within your financial limits.

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