Short Film Review: Arindam Barooah’s ‘Because, I Love You’

Filmmaker Arindam Barooah’s recent short film Because, I Love You is a moderately sentimental work that delves deeply into the idea of love. When a neighbour and friend, Raktim, who has recently moved to Guwahati, knocks on their door, Shekhar and his wife are forced to face some painful memories of their past. Even though the plot is very simple and there are only three actors, the technique is admirable and the theme is universal.

The movie explores the value of love in relationships and emphasises its ability to bring people together. It inspires hope by presenting love and kindness as a resolute force that endures despite hardship and acts as a catalyst for unity. The couple at the centre of the narrative faces challenging circumstances that put their relationship to the test but ultimately finds happiness through mutual understanding and support.

Arindam Barooah’s ‘Because, I Love You’ (2)

In this short film, the drama permeates every scene and develops subtly on a deeper level and director Barooah uses a variety of visual cues to share this tale in its simplest and purest form. The short film answers the question of how our future can be shaped by our responses to our past rather than our past itself, in a very beautiful way.

Because, I Love You is produced by Rinku Bora and A. Medhi with the story, screenplay and dialogues penned by Drishti Das. The cinematography, editing and colour grading is done by Manab Jyoti Baruah and the music direction is done by Sudarshan Borkotoky. The cast includes – Bidisha Kashyap, Bibhuti Bhushan Hazarika  and Bedabrat Borah.

Link to watch the short film:

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