Short Film Review ‘Mukha’

Short Film Review ‘Mukha’: A Dark, Situational Comedy of Errors set in Majuli

After being invited to lunch by a close friend during their filming in and around Majuli, Raktim swiftly persuades his team to pay a visit to his friend, Manas. However, upon reaching the serene town of Majuli, Raktim senses that something is off when he is unable to find Manas. Driven by his intuition, Raktim retraces his steps to Manas’s house in a quest to locate him, setting off a wild chain of events filled with honest misunderstandings and comic action.

Nisha Nirmali takes on the role of ‘The Girl’, one of the key characters credited in the film. In the storyline, she becomes the primary suspect in Manas’s disappearance, as Raktim mistakenly connects her possession of red-colors, used for making masks in the renowned Samaguri Satra of Majuli, with blood. The title choice, Mukha, which means mask in Assamese, is also intriguing. Nobody is aware of who is hiding their identity. Nobody can tell the difference between someone’s real identity and a fake one.

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At sixteen minutes, the short film is crisp, light-hearted, and equally silly. There is a frenzied atmosphere which is filled with a sense of mystery and the film bases its chaotic fun upon it. A series of mindless events culminate in an intense action sequence reminiscent of the traditional Bhoana performances of Assam. Interestingly, both takes place within the confines of the Namghar. And once the film reaches this point, there’s no looking back.

The short film has a certain momentum from its first frame and it never wavers which keeps the audience engaged throughout. Does Raktim’s concern hold merit? Is Manas dead? What if Raktim accidentally harms someone else in his search for Manas? Numerous questions arise, urging viewers to watch the movie and discover the answers. On the side note, the makers of the short film have displayed their potential in creating a comedy of errors and they can utilise the same in making a situational comedy feature film set in Assam.

The short film is written and directed by debut filmmaker Rock Nobis and is presented by KC Digital Films. The cast includes – Nisha Nirmali, Rock Nobis, Shuvrajit Medhi, Pranab J Sharma and Sunny Sen.

Given Below is a Link to watch the film:

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