7 Best AI Headshot Generators in 2024 (Compared)

In the fast-paced realm of today’s cutthroat competition, the significance of a polished professional headshot cannot be overstated. It serves as a gateway to fresh opportunities, a cornerstone in crafting your personal brand, and a surefire way to distinguish yourself in a crowd of peers.

Once upon a time, investing in a professional photoshoot was a luxury beyond reach, particularly for those taking their initial steps in the professional arena. However, the landscape has evolved, thanks to the advent of generative AI.

Now, the doors to obtaining top-tier, professional headshots have swung open to everyone, without breaking the bank. This article is your guide to exploring the crème de la crème of AI headshot generators that promise quality without the hefty price tag.

What is an AI Headshot Generator?

An AI headshot generator is a cutting-edge tool that utilizes artificial intelligence algorithms to create realistic and high-quality professional headshots. These generators leverage the power of machine learning to analyze and understand facial features, expressions, and compositions. By doing so, they can generate lifelike portraits that closely resemble traditional headshots taken by professional photographers.

The process typically involves uploading a user’s photo or providing specific parameters, such as age, gender, and desired style. The AI algorithms then work their magic, enhancing the image to produce a polished and refined headshot. This technology allows individuals to access professional-looking portraits without the need for expensive photoshoots or the expertise of a professional photographer.

AI headshot generators have become increasingly popular for various purposes, including professional profiles on social media, job applications, and personal branding. They offer a cost-effective and efficient solution for individuals looking to present themselves in a professional light without the associated time and financial commitments of a traditional photoshoot.

Best AI Headshot Generator Price Comparison

PluginPriceNumber of Images Included
🥇Aragon AI$29 one-time fee40VISIT
🥈HeadshotPro$29 one-time fee40VISIT
🥉ProPhotos AI$25 one-time fee40VISIT
4Secta AI$49 one-time fee300VISIT
5Fotor$19.99 one-time fee40VISIT
6Dreamwave$39 one-time fee120VISIT
7StudioShot$29.25 one-time fee95VISIT
8Remini$9.99 per weekUnlimitedVISIT

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1. Aragon AI

Leading the pack among AI headshot generators is Aragon AI, a brainchild of former tech maestros from Meta and Microsoft. This powerhouse on our list has gained immense popularity, churning out a staggering 1.4 million headshots each month. The modus operandi involves uploading a minimum of 14 top-notch selfies to Aragon, triggering the creation of a bespoke AI model meticulously trained on your photos. The outcome? Aragon crafts a minimum of 40 high-caliber professional headshots in just over an hour.

Key Features of Aragon AI:

  1. Custom AI Model: Tailored specifically for your headshots, ensuring a personalized touch.
  2. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: Confidence backed by a satisfaction guarantee.
  3. Higher Resolution Output: Outshining competitors with a resolution of 1024px x 1824px.
  4. Text Prompt Functionality: A standout feature allowing users to input a text prompt describing the desired look. This not only refines the AI’s understanding but also enables users to tailor headshots for specific applications – a boon for individuals with diverse professional needs.

Aragon’s flexibility shines through its text prompt feature, allowing users to articulate their vision for the ideal headshot. This proves invaluable, providing the AI with nuanced insights into the user’s preferences and requirements. Whether you’re a social media influencer seeking a distinct look or a bank manager aiming for a more corporate aesthetic, Aragon caters to your specific needs.

Best For: Aragon stands out as an exceptional tool for crafting headshots. To maximize results, commence with high-quality images. While anomalies are possible, especially in the realm of AI, the Basic plan, priced at $39, offers 80 photos and 40+ styles, making it a prudent choice.

Pricing: The journey with Aragon begins at $29, securing 40 meticulously crafted headshots.

2. HeadshotPro

Stepping into the spotlight next on our roster of top-tier AI headshot generators is HeadshotPro. Much like its counterpart Aragon, HeadshotPro excels in crafting a custom AI model based on your photos, delivering a collection of high-quality AI images tailored for professional applications. Distinguished by its array of backdrops and outfit variations in the output, HeadshotPro empowers users with the flexibility to choose diverse photos suited for specific contexts.

Key Features of HeadshotPro:

  1. Diverse Backdrops and Outfits: Elevating the user experience with a plethora of options for customization.
  2. 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee: Assurance of satisfaction within a reasonable timeframe.
  3. Style Customization: Granting users the ability to select different styles for their headshots, catering to individual preferences.
  4. High-Level Security: Operating in a secure environment, assuring users that their photos remain private, automatically deleted after 30 days. Moreover, the AI model created for your photos is exclusive, offering a heightened level of privacy.

HeadshotPro’s standout feature lies in its diverse style options, accommodating both formal and traditional looks with finesse. This versatility ensures users can tailor their headshots to align perfectly with their desired professional image. Privacy-conscious individuals can take solace in the knowledge that HeadshotPro upholds stringent ethical AI practices, with a commitment to never sell or reuse the created models.

Best For: Tailor-made for crafting professional headshots for platforms like LinkedIn or other social media channels, HeadshotPro emerges as a go-to tool. With its extensive array of styles and outfits, users can precisely tailor their headshots to suit the nuances of their respective industries. Priced starting at $29, it presents an affordable solution for acquiring the perfect professional headshot.

Pricing: Embark on your HeadshotPro journey with a starting price of $29, unlocking a treasure trove of 40 meticulously crafted headshots.

3. ProPhotos AI

Elevating the game in AI-powered headshot generation is ProPhotos AI, a trailblazer that employs advanced artificial intelligence technology to seamlessly produce photorealistic, professional-grade headshots within mere minutes. This platform provides users with a canvas for personalization, allowing them to tailor their headshots according to their industry, job position, and individual style, all through an array of customization options.

Key Features of ProPhotos AI:

  1. User-Friendly Editing: Empowering users with the ability to edit and refine their headshots as per their preferences.
  2. Diverse Styles and Photo Characteristics: Offering a spectrum of styles and characteristics for a truly personalized touch.
  3. Enterprise Plan for Uniform Headshots: An innovative solution for businesses aiming for uniformity in employee headshots.

A standout feature of ProPhotos AI is its Professional tier, catering specifically to businesses seeking uniformity across employee headshots. Traditionally, achieving such uniformity would entail substantial costs and time investments. However, harnessing the power of AI, ProPhotos AI enables companies to generate high-quality, uniform images efficiently and at a fraction of the conventional expense. Users can delve into customization options, including color palette editing, background selection, and adjustments to lighting and composition, ensuring a professional, on-brand look.

Best For: ProPhotos AI emerges as the top choice for businesses keen on a consistent appearance in their employee headshots. With a myriad of customization options, users can rest assured that their headshots will not only be professional and on-brand but also affordable. The Professional plan, priced at a reasonable $155, allows the generation of 160 unique headshots, complete with 12 different backgrounds and 8 clothing styles, all ready to go in approximately 30 minutes. Individuals can kickstart their journey with the Basic plan, available at an affordable $25.

Pricing: The ProPhotos AI experience begins at $25, providing users with 40 meticulously crafted headshots.

4. Secta AI

Introducing the formidable Secta AI, our next contender for the title of the best AI headshot generator. While it demands a collection of over 25 selfies as input, the consensus is that the end results justify the initial effort. Your investment in Secta AI unlocks a treasure trove of over 300 meticulously crafted headshots, a generous offering that sets it apart from the competition. What sets Secta AI apart is its unique feature – 2 free retries, allowing users the flexibility to fine-tune their headshots to perfection.

Key Features of Secta AI:

  1. 2 Free Retries: A standout offering that provides users with the opportunity to adjust and perfect their headshots.
  2. Remix and Retouch Feature: Empowering users to edit elements such as clothing styles, backgrounds, and facial expressions post-generation.
  3. Over 300 Headshots: A generous yield that caters to those in need of a substantial number of headshots.

A highlight of Secta AI’s arsenal is the remix and retouch feature, granting users the ability to modify key elements of their headshots even after the initial generation. This flexibility proves invaluable, particularly for individuals who find a preferred result but desire slight adjustments.

Best For: Secta AI emerges as the ideal choice for those in search of an extensive array of headshots. Priced at $49, the package delivers over 300 headshots, providing substantial value for the investment. It’s a solution tailored for users who don’t shy away from the requirement of over 25 selfies, acknowledging the potentially intimidating process.

Pricing: Secta AI’s offering comes at a price tag of $49, unlocking a treasure trove of 300 meticulously crafted headshots, complemented by the unique 2 free retries feature.

5. Dreamwave

Enter Dreamwave, a stellar addition to our lineup of exceptional AI headshot generators. Standing out for its efficiency and prowess, Dreamwave demands a mere 5-8 source images, setting it apart with a streamlined process that delivers results in approximately one hour. Crafted by AI virtuosos with pedigrees from Google and MIT, Dreamwave boasts a proprietary algorithm that elevates the realism of its images, coupled with an impressive output resolution.

Key Features of Dreamwave:

  1. Unlimited Backgrounds and Outfits: A standout offering that grants users unparalleled freedom in selecting backgrounds and styles for their headshots.
  2. Quick Production: Swiftly generating headshots in less than an hour, ensuring efficiency in the creative process.
  3. 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee: Providing users with a safety net of satisfaction assurance.

Dreamwave’s trump card lies in its limitless background and style options, setting it apart from its counterparts. Unlike other entries on our list, Dreamwave liberates users to generate photos in any style, outfit, or background, making it an ideal choice for individuals across various professions. It serves as a particularly excellent solution for companies aiming to infuse a touch of non-traditional flair into their headshots.

Best For: Dreamwave emerges as the go-to solution for those who crave complete styling freedom in their headshots. With unlimited options for styles and backgrounds, individuals and companies alike can mold their headshots to be fun, quirky, or strictly professional. Priced at a pocket-friendly $39, Dreamwave ensures that professional headshots are within reach for individuals with any budget.

Pricing: Dreamwave offers a single price tier, delivering 120 headshots for a reasonable $39.

6. StudioShot

Making its mark on our compilation of top AI headshot generators is StudioShot. Following a similar initiation process to its counterparts, users commence by uploading a batch of 12-24 selfies, patiently awaiting the unveiling of their results. However, StudioShot sets itself apart by adopting a slightly longer timeline, with a turnaround of 2-4 business days. Users receive a heads-up via email once their meticulously crafted headshots are ready for the limelight.

Key Features of StudioShot:

  1. High-Quality, Enlargement-Ready Images: A distinguishing feature offering exceptionally high-quality images, suitable for framing or print projects, allowing for versatile usage.
  2. Professional Editing: All AI-generated headshots undergo scrutiny by a professional photography team, ensuring a polished and refined final product.
  3. Unlimited Touchups: A user-friendly perk that allows for unlimited touch-ups, ensuring satisfaction with the end result.

A standout attribute of StudioShot is the meticulous attention given to each photo before it reaches the user. All AI-generated headshots undergo a professional review, with necessary touch-ups performed before they grace your inbox. The icing on the cake? StudioShot extends the courtesy of an additional round of editing if the initial results fail to meet your expectations.

Best For: StudioShot emerges as a stellar choice for individuals seeking a few meticulously crafted headshots, especially those at the early stages of their professional journey or soon-to-be graduates navigating a budget constraint. While it might lack the extensive styling options of some counterparts, its focus on quality and affordability makes it a commendable option.

Pricing: StudioShot offers a starting price of $29.25, delivering 95 headshots that bear the hallmark of professionalism and meticulous editing.

7. Remini

Wrapping up our exploration of AI headshot generators, we present Remini—a unique addition to the roster, not strictly a conventional AI headshot generator, but certainly deserving of consideration. Specializing in photo editing and AI photo enhancement, Remini demonstrates commendable prowess in crafting professional-looking headshots. The only caveat—this creative tool is exclusive to iPhone or Android devices, a potential limitation for some. However, the allure of a 7-day free trial invites users to take this mobile-centric experience for a test drive before committing.

Key Features of Remini:

  1. Desktop and Mobile Apps: Offering versatility with both desktop and mobile applications, ensuring accessibility for users across platforms.
  2. Different Styles and Themes: Providing users with the flexibility to choose from various styles and themes for their headshots, enhancing customization options.
  3. 7-Day Free Trial: A generous trial period allowing users to explore the capabilities of Remini before making a subscription commitment.

While the mobile-exclusive nature may be a drawback for some, Remini compensates with impressive results. Users can select from a range of settings, poses, and outfits, generating headshots that stand out. Although some may require minor adjustments, Remini holds the potential to deliver compelling results. The convenience of downloading images to your phone and seamlessly transferring them to a computer for further editing adds to its user-friendly appeal.

Best For: Remini caters excellently to individuals who prefer generating headshots on their mobile devices. With convenience and commendable results, it stands out as a practical option. The highlight is the 7-day free trial, offering users the chance to evaluate the quality before deciding to subscribe.

Pricing: Remini is priced at $9.99 per week, granting users access to its suite of photo editing and enhancing tools. The 7-day free trial allows for an exploration of its capabilities, albeit with watermarked images during this period. Users have the flexibility to cancel the subscription at any time.

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