Aattam (2024) OTT Release Date and Platform (Now Streaming)

Aattam (Malayalam: ആട്ടം, Translation: The Play) is a 2024 Indian Malayalam-language suspense chamber drama film. Written and directed by Anand Ekarshi, the film explores themes of sexual assault, power dynamics, and the complexities of justice within a close-knit community.


The story revolves around Anjali, the sole actress of a theater group. After a celebratory party, she accuses a prominent movie star, who recently joined the group, of sexual harassment.

An urgent meeting is called with the remaining members of the group to discuss the accusation and decide on a course of action. As the meeting unfolds, tensions rise, loyalties are tested, and hidden motives surface. The members find themselves caught in a web of conflicting interests and moral dilemmas.

Movie TitleAattam
Runtime140 mins
Theatrical Release Date5 Jan 2024
OTT Release Date12 March 2024
OTT Platform(s)Amazon Prime Video

Style and Themes

Aattam is a chamber drama, meaning the majority of the action takes place within a single confined location. This creates a claustrophobic atmosphere that reflects the mounting pressure and difficult choices faced by the characters. The film delves into:

  • The nature of truth and perception: The truth of the assault is shrouded in ambiguity, blurring the lines between accuser and accused.
  • Power dynamics: The film examines how social standing, influence, and personal agendas can shape the pursuit of justice.
  • Collective responsibility: It challenges the audience to consider the role of silence and complicity in the face of wrongdoing.

Aattam has garnered critical acclaim, praised for its thought-provoking narrative, realistic dialogue, and nuanced performances. It presents a complex portrayal of human nature in the aftermath of a disturbing event, making it a film that lingers with the viewer long after the credits roll.

How to Stream Aattam Online

Aattam is now available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video. You can visit this link to watch online

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