Premalu (2024) OTT Release Date and Platform

Premalu is a delightful Malayalam romantic comedy that’s been winning hearts! It’s a story about finding love in unexpected places, the charm of everyday life, and the importance of friendship.

If you’re looking for a feel-good, heartwarming love story with a dash of humor, Premalu is the perfect movie for you. Get ready to fall in love with Sachin and Reenu as they navigate life and relationships in the vibrant city of Hyderabad.

Premalu (2024) OTT Release Date and Platform

Due to the film’s continued box office success, the OTT release has been postponed. Current estimates suggest the earliest possible release might be towards the end of March 2024. It’s worth noting that Malayalam films often follow a 28-day theatrical run before hitting streaming platforms.

Disney+ Hotstar is believed to hold the streaming rights for Premalu.

Premalu has captured the hearts of audiences with its relatable characters, witty humor, and heartwarming narrative. Here’s a breakdown of what makes Premalu so special:


Sachin (Naslen K. Gafoor), a directionless twenty-something, travels to Hyderabad for GATE coaching after experiencing a visa rejection for the UK. There, he encounters Reenu (Mamitha Baiju), a determined and focused young woman who runs a dance academy. Their worlds collide and an unlikely romance ensues.

Slice-of-Life Charm

Premalu excels in portraying the relatable struggles and aspirations of young adults. Sachin’s confusion, Reenu’s ambition, and their supportive friends will resonate with the audience. Hyderabad is presented vibrantly, serving as more than just a backdrop. It becomes an intrinsic part of their story.

Humorous Moments

The film delivers genuinely funny moments driven by the characters’ quirks and the natural humor that arises within unexpected situations. The bromance between Sachin and his friend Amal (Sangeeth Prathap) provides particular comedic relief.

Emotional Depth

While Premalu is undeniably a feel-good film, it also explores themes of self-doubt, insecurity, and the pressures faced by young people. The characters’ vulnerabilities are portrayed with sensitivity, adding a touch of realism to the story.


The cast delivers outstanding performances that breathe life into their characters. Naslen K Gafoor’s portrayal of Sachin’s endearing awkwardness and Mamitha Baiju’s confident Reenu creates fantastic on-screen chemistry. The supporting actors contribute greatly, bringing a sense of warmth and camaraderie.

Direction and Writing

Director Girish AD masterfully blends lighthearted humor with poignant moments. The screenplay’s witty dialogue and realistic portrayal of relationships add depth to the story.

Why Premalu Resonates

Premalu strikes a chord with audiences because it presents a refreshingly relatable love story and portrays everyday life in a charming and heartfelt manner. The film celebrates friendship, acceptance, and finding your place in the world, making it an enjoyable and uplifting watch.

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