Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly is a unique combination of various mineral oils and waxes. It is a multipurpose moisturizer that you can use for all your skin problems like cracked heels, dry lips, and many others. Like especially in winters, nearly most of us face dry skin problems.

So using vaseline can do wonders and solve all types of skin issues.

Vaseline has the main ingredient, petroleum, which helps heal your skin with a water-protective barrier. Also helpful in retaining moisture for a long time. Get to know more about the petroleum jelly benefits.

Benefits and Uses for Vaseline

There are several benefits of using vaseline daily. It is helpful in your daily skincare routine and lip care also.

Get to know about the below-listed benefits and apply these in your daily life.

Helps to Treat Skin Scrapes and Burns- Vaseline effectively keeps your skin moist after surgery and fast healing. Also effective for regular, less dramatic skin injuries. Make sure that the surface you apply vaseline on is properly cleaned and disinfected.

Great Moisturizer- You can use vaseline as an occlusive moisturizer; it prevents your skin from drying out, especially in winters. You can also use it for dry noses during winters.

Prevents Rashes- Vaseline works very effectively to avoid skin rashes. It forms a protective barrier that will help protect your skin from constant exposure to moisture. This helps to prevent rashes on your sensitive skin.

Eye MakeUp Removal- Vaseline can be used as an effective eye makeup remover. Make sure to close your eyes as you wipe vaseline on it.

Hair Split Hands – Daily Sun and wind exposure to your hair can damage it. As a result, people face plenty of hair-related issues. Vaseline can reduce the look of split ends and helps to add shine to your hair.

Prevents Skin Stains – Apply vaseline along your hairline to prevent hair dye from staining your skin. This also works well if you like to paint your nails at home with different nail colors.

Using vaseline has both benefits and drawbacks. Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly is a highly greasy substance, and accidentally getting it in your hair can cause a real problem.

Once it gets stuck in your hair, it can be tough to remove it, but taking the help of few home remedies will work. You can get your hair clean and Vaseline-free once again.

8 Best Methods To Get Vaseline Out of Hair

Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly has many benefits, but it can be extremely troublesome to remove from your hair. Here are some tips and methods that will make removing it from your hair a much easier task.

Use Clarifying Shampoo

This can be easily purchased from any medical store or beauty supply shop. This shampoo is specially formulated to strip hair of oils and also works well at removing an oily substance like vaseline from your hair.

Using a paper towel to remove as much of the excess vaseline as possible to try this efficient method. Next, wet your hair with lukewarm water and add a small amount of clarifying shampoo to it. Leave the shampoo for some time and then wash away.

This will help provide a deep cleansing, but you may need to repeat this procedure multiple times to remove all traces of the vaseline.

Liquid Dish soap

Liquid Dish soaps are also very effective in removing excess oil or vaseline from hair. You have to follow simple steps to remove vaseline from your hair.


  • Firstly, wet your hair and then apply a small amount of liquid dish soap to the area affected by the vaseline. Allow this to sit and soak your hair for at least fifteen minutes for better results.
  • Then, rinse your hair correctly and repeat this step if necessary. You can also wash your hair with regular shampoo for better results.

Glycerin Soaps

We all know that glycerine is the main ingredient when it comes to your daily skincare routine. It has many skincare benefits. Apart from the skin benefits, you can also use this ingredient to remove vaseline from your hair.

Follow these simple steps to use glycerine to remove vaseline from your hair:


  • Firstly, wipe out all extra vaseline, if possible, using an absorbent paper towel.
  • Now, wet the affected area of hair that contains vaseline. If you are using the glycerin soap, wet it with hot water. Using downward strokes, rub it onto the affected area of hair.
  • Gently rub this glycerin soap on your hair and allow it to sit on your hair for approximately twenty minutes. Over this period, you can apply more glycerin soap if you feel it is necessary. Afterward, wash the soap from your hair, and then using any regular shampoo wash your hair correctly.


Vinegar has acidic properties and is very effective in removing vaseline from your hair.

You can use any type of vinegar, but apple cider vinegar is best to be used on your hair. Once you have removed the extra vaseline from your hair, spray the affected vaseline area with a bit of vinegar and clean your hair downwards.


Cornstarch is a fantastic ingredient that you can easily find in everyone’s kitchen. It is the fine ground powder that you can make from cornflour starch. This powder is very effective in absorbing oils and helps to remove vaseline from your hair.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is one of the most common ingredients easily found in most households. It has other benefits also like you can use it to remove vaseline from your hair.

Adhesive Remover

There are various adhesive removers available that are safe to use on your skin and hair and can work wonders at removing sticky substances like vaseline.

Cornmeal Powder

You can use Cornmeal powder as a home remedy for removing vaseline from your hair. It may sound a little weird. But it can be very effective.

Cornmeal is a fine powder that comes from dried corn. It is very absorbent and can effectively soak oily substances like vaseline.


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