Tips for a Great Start to the Week in College

How you start your week matters a lot in college. It determines the pace and energy for the rest of the week. Having a lazy start to the week means a disorganized week, while a great start gives you an upper hand at ending your week successfully. Starting a week well gives you the ability to handle any obstacles that come your way. Therefore, to meet all the obligations as a college student, you need to take control of how your week begins. Let’s dive into the tips and hacks on how to begin your week well in college.

Set Clear Goals

If you want a good week, you have to plan ahead. Planning gives you a blueprint of what you should prioritize and where to focus your energy. Remember, failing to plan is planning to fail. It is true in college because of the various academic undertakings that you have to accomplish. Additionally, you might have a part-time job and still need time for friends, family, and extracurriculars. If not planned, all these activities might lead to confusion and neglect in some areas, especially academics. It is one of the reasons a student would pay for essay at to protect their grades.

You need to plan for all your activities to have an excellent start to the week. Divide your time between academic and non-academic goals, depending on their urgency and priority. Identify all the details and the items you need for the activities outlined. If some of the things necessary for the tasks are unavailable on campus, weekends are a great time to look for them. Thus, utilize your weekend to plan for the following week. That way, you will always be on par with your activities.

Review Your Goals for the Previous Week

Every Sunday evening, review the goals for the previous week. Doing so helps to identify areas where you are lagging or have neglected. It, in turn, helps determine areas that need adjustments and what you need to do to ensure you meet all your week’s goals. It also helps to find solutions to handle upcoming tasks efficiently.

Organize Your Room

If you can get one thing right, you can get something right. And when you get something right, you can get another thing right. If you organize your room, it means that you can organize your week. Besides, a room that is chaos is a mind that is in chaos. So, when you are organizing your room, you are also organizing your state of being, which is essential for having a great week.

Rest and Have Adequate Sleep During the Weekend

Sleep is paramount for optimal body functioning. According to research, students who have enough sleep are usually more productive. During weekends, there might not be enough time to rest due to the wide range of activities. However, you must learn to prioritize your body on the weekend. As much as you need to have fun during the weekend, it is not time to party from dawn to the evening. If you want a great start to a new week, you need to rest and rejuvenate.

So, use the weekend to unwind. You can indulge in your hobbies, catch up with TV shows, and hang out with friends, among other relaxing activities. Unwinding allows your mind to declutter, preparing it for a new week. You get to start a new week fresh and relaxed. On Sunday night, sleep early to ensure you wake up early on Monday.

Wake Up Early

Have you ever overslept in the morning, missed the bus, was late for breakfast and class, and made the whole day a mess? You don’t want to start your week like that. If you have problems waking up early, set multiple alarms. Besides, sleep early to have adequate sleep to make it easier to wake up early. Waking up early ensures you are at the top of your to-do list for the day and the week. You are able to carry out tasks at the designated time.

Eat a Healthy Breakfast

It’s easy to neglect your body in college. The temptation of opting for fast foods and junk every morning to catch up with a busy schedule is always there. But that is not the way to go if you want a great week. Your body needs the proper nutrients, so start your week with a well-balanced diet to provide your body with the right fuel for optimal body operations. Otherwise, you might get fatigued in the middle of the week, which will lead to decreased motivation and reduced productivity.

Start the Week With Exercises

Exercises are a good way of stimulating your body. Engaging in exercises helps to improve blood circulation, stimulates the brain cells to be active, enhances mood, and reduces stress. It thus helps you to be fit and get rid of any fatigue, setting you up for greatness. On Monday mornings, create time for exercises. You can go jogging, hit the gym, or do indoor workouts. Continue the routine for the rest of the week for a successful week.

Start Your Week With a Positive Mindset Using Affirmations

At the start of the week, make it a habit to make positive affirmations about your week. Affirmations create a positive mindset, barring you from the negative energy that comes with negative thinking. Affirmations such as “My week is excellent,” “I am the best version of myself,” “This week is full of opportunities,” and “I am a winner” set a positive mood for the week. They also encourage you to stick to your objectives.

Affirmations are fuel for the mind. They motivate you to harness the power of positive thinking. Remember, what you think is what you become. So, always make sure you fine-tune your mind at the beginning of every week by using positive affirmations.


Having a great start to the week gives you a headway to a better week. It sets the pace from which the rest of the days follow; thus, it is a break-or-win situation. Starting the week should be a seamless encounter facilitated by planning and setting your goals for the week. Also, ensure you rest well, wake up early, exercise, start with a healthy breakfast, and make affirmations.

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