Did Ms Marvel Just Travel The Multiverse?!

The Ms. Marvel show has made subtle changes to how Kamala's powers work. But have these changes included an ability to traverse the MCU's multiverse?

When she fastens the bracelet to her wrist, she falls backward into a strange purple vista full of figures with glowing eyes. 

It's a very brief glimpse, but the physical action of Kamala falling backward recalls the physicality of Doctor Strange and America Chavez's multiverse hopping.

So it's entirely possible that she's briefly slipped into another reality.

There are some visual clues to suggest that Kamala has instead fallen into one of the MCU's mystical realms.

Who Are The Glowing Eyed People?

While Kamala may have seen another Earth from the MCU multiverse, it's worth bearing in mind what's going on elsewhere in Phase 4

It's therefore most likely there's an ancestral connection to the realm, so it makes sense for the glowing-eyed figures to be those that have gone before her