Rima Das’ Village Rockstars is India’s Official Entry for Oscars 2019


Village Rockstars has been selected as India’s official entry in the Foreign Language film category for Oscars 2019. After winning the Best Feature film Award at the 65th National Film Awards, Rima Das’s directorial “Village Rockstars” is set for release across India on September 28.

This film had its World Premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival and India premiere at the Mumbai Film Festival 2018, has been screened in more than 70 international and national film festivals and won 44 awards, including four National Awards.

“Village Rockstars” is the story of “poor but amazing children” who live a fun-filled life. It revolves around the lives of a little village girl Dhunu who dreams to have a real guitar and forms a music band with her friends in the village. The film narrates the day to day struggles of common villagers and the way they deal with poverty and natural disasters.

In the film, Dhunu’s family that consists of her widowed mother Basanti and her elder brother Manabendra, represents the life of the villagers.

Das not only wrote and directed Village Rockstars, but also filmed it, did the production design and edited it single-handedly. Her only assistants were a group of six pre-teens whose story she tells in the film, which is now being shown in film festivals across the world.

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