If you want to try something different with your nails, here are the five best alternatives to acrylic nails.

We always want to look our best, and having perfectly manicured nails is a big part of that. Acrylic nails are a common choice for women around the world, but they can often be quite expensive. Whether it’s the salon visit required to get them, or the upkeep involved with maintaining them, acrylic nails are definitely not cheap. But, they’re not necessarily permanent, either. With the growing popularity of gel nails, which are also relatively inexpensive, you can get a fresh manicure without shelling out a fortune. Gel nails may not have the longevity of acrylics, but they can provide the exact same professional finish, minus the high price tag.

It’s time to talk about the 5 best alternatives to acrylic nails. I’ll cover them all from how to achieve them and why they’re better options.

Drawbacks of Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are a relatively new addition to beauty trends. They have grown into a huge business in the past few years, but they’re not without their drawbacks.

Acrylic nails can cause some serious damage to your nails if you’re not careful. Acrylic nails don’t hold up to the rigors of regular nail use, meaning you can’t apply lotion, polish or even makeup. Acrylic nails can chip and break easily, and you’ll end up with cracks in the surface. These cracks can lead to further chipping, and if they become infected, you could risk losing your nail. And lastly, they can be difficult to remove from your natural nails.

In short Acrylic Nails are,

  • Tedious to Apply
  • Expensive
  • Uses a lot of harsh chemicals
  • Not suitable for the individuals who have very thin weak nails

The Best Alternatives to Acrylic Nails

  1. Gel Nail Extensions
  2. Press on Nails (Easy to apply & remove yet looks amazing)
  3. Dip Powder (Very durable & easy to DIY)
  4. Gel Nail Polish
  5. Nail Stickers (This allows you to easily have amazing nail art)

1. Gel Nail Extensions

A safer & more durable alternative to acrylic nails that looks just as good

Gel nail extensions have been around since the 90s and have remained popular ever since due to the fact that they give an extremely natural-looking manicure without requiring any complicated, messy application. There are three main categories of gel nail products – acrylics, topcoats, and liners – all of which come in many different shades and finishes. Gel nails are a really fun way to add a bit of glamour to your everyday outfits and they also look fantastic with a simple dress or skirt!

There are many ways to style your nails but if you’re looking for something that will last for a long period of time, gel nail extensions are the perfect solution. A good manicure lasts between 3-5 days and with gel nail extensions, your nails will last for up to two weeks. Gel nail extensions are applied to your natural nails with gel adhesive that is only used to bond the nail and is safe for daily wear. You can choose from several different shapes and styles to complement your lifestyle. Some gel nail extensions are also infused with vitamins, minerals, and essential oils to help maintain healthy nails. You may find that you enjoy the way they look, but you don’t need to love them to make them work for you.

Recommended Gel Nail Extensions

2. Press on Nails

Easy to apply & remove yet looks amazing

Press on Nails is a brand-new salon and nail spa concept that prides itself on being a high end nail salon experience with a boutique feel. Founded by the owner of a former beauty salon, Press on Nails was created with the goal of bringing the same level of service and expertise to a nail salon as has been experienced in the salon world.

Press on Nails is a brand that focuses on delivering a premium salon experience in the comfort of a boutique location. Each location is designed to deliver a comfortable and inviting atmosphere where customers can relax while experiencing the services of our expert nail stylists.

Our mission is to provide a new level of quality service and deliver a positive experience for our clients, with an emphasis on providing customer service, product knowledge, and individual attention to each customer’s needs. Our experienced team consists of experts in their respective fields who strive to deliver an excellent experience. We promise to deliver a unique, personalized service experience, and always put the customer first.

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3. Dip Powder

Very durable & easy to DIY

​​Dip Powder was created because acrylic nails are difficult to remove, causing many clients to experience nail damage. Dip powder works on the surface of your nails instead of inside your nail bed. It removes easily, making it an easy way to change your manicure from day to night. Dip Powder is a natural alternative to acrylic nails and is non-toxic, so there’s no risk of damage to your nails. 

The acrylic nail is the fastest growing nail care product in North America, according to the market research firm Mintel, with demand outpacing supply. With the increasing popularity of both acrylic and gel nails, it is no surprise that a company called Dip Powder recently introduced a line of acrylic nail alternatives, claiming to offer the same strength and longevity of acrylic without the high costs.

The Dip Powder brand was founded in March 2013. The company claims that Dip Powder’s nail strengtheners are formulated using proprietary technology that creates a strong bond between the skin and the nail while maintaining flexibility and comfort.

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4. Gel Nail Polish

One of the most popular nail treatments on the market is gel nail polish. What makes it so popular? Gel nails are easy to apply, last a long time, and provide a shiny, smooth finish. Gel nails are made of a thick, rubbery substance called polyacrylate. Polyacrylate is a polymer, which means it’s a molecule composed of several chains that are connected.

Gel nail polish is a nail treatment that involves coating your nails with a gel-like substance, typically made from polymer, polyurethane or resin. These are then applied in a liquid or a gel form. As they dry, they harden into a solid, semi-hard coating that is stronger than natural nail polish. Acrylic is the traditional choice of nail polish, but there are many other options including gel, semi-permanent, temporary, and even glitter.

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5. Nail Stickers 

Acrylic nails are easy to apply but can be hard to remove. They are very durable, but you’ll have to pay extra to get the color you desire. Nail stickers, on the other hand, are more affordable and easy to apply. But they are less durable and come in a wider variety of colors.

These stickers help keep the nails clean. They also prevent water and dirt from getting into the crevices of your cuticles, which can lead to infection. They come in a variety of designs, colors, and shapes. They’re also easy to apply and remove, making them a convenient way to keep your nail look fresh.

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