Actor Who Played Aisha in MS Marvel

Mehwish Hayat Played Aisha in MS Marvel

The renowned Pakistani actor has made her MCU debut as Kamala Khan's (Iman Vellani) great grandmother, Aisha

In episode 3, we see Mehwish as Aisha, who has come into the possession of the magical bangle which later enables Kamala to have powers. Aisha puts the bangle on and senses acquiring the powers.

In episode two, we were introduced to Samina Ahmed's character as Kamala's Nani and Nimra's role as Kamran's mother, Najma.

Aisha is Kamala's great-grandmother and is integral to Ms Marvel's origin story, which will become apparent as the series progresses. As Aisha says, "The world has a way of making people feel small. We are connected, each of us to those that came before."

For episode two, we see the 16-year-old video calling her Nani (Ahmed), having to ask her to place the phone further away from her face; a typical desi occurrence we can all relate to.

Nani then asks Kamala about the gifts she sent for her. To which, a very confused Kamala inquires about the bangle she's wearing in her hand; the one that'll make her Ms Marvel.

Confused with the “weird” things the said golden bangle is making her do, Kamala questions Nani about its origin. “It belonged to my mother, Aisha,” shares Ahmed in the clip. “The one who disappeared during the partition, my great grandmother Aisha?” asks Kamala

We can't wait to see how the story unfolds henceforth.