Ms. Marvel Episode 5 MCU Easter Eggs & References

This post includes references to Easter eggs, references, comic book details, and other top-secret information about the series.

Kamala's Grandmother Is Named After Sana Amanat

There's a sense in which Ms. Marvel episode 5 is really the origin story of her grandmother. Sana is, of course, named after Ms. Marvel's co-creator Sana Amanat, so the name is entirely appropriate.

Kamala discovers that she has been part of her own family legends all along, rescuing her grandmother from the chaos of Partition.

Kamala's Broken Necklace Inspires The Ms. Marvel Logo

The MCU's Captain Marvel has never had a lightning-bolt logo, however, so a new origin has had to be found - in a broken necklace, one that originally said her own name in Arabic. The comics' Ms. Marvel's logo is a homage to Carol Danvers.

Kamala is putting together her own identity, with all the pieces of her costume coming together ahead of the finale.

Kamran's Powers

When the veil is sealed, Kamran is suddenly gifted with superpowers once again and he returns to the United States

Kamala and Kamran are both Inhumans who were granted their powers by the Terrigen Mists.