Best Eyeshadow Palettes in India

4 Best Eyeshadow Palettes in India

Eyeshadow is one of the essential parts of makeup. It helps in enhancing the look of the eyes and makes them look brighter. Before you buy it, you should know about some basic guidelines and the best eyeshadow palette in India. Here top eight eyeshadow palettes are described below to make your research effortless.

1. Makeup Revolution London Ultra Eyeshadow Palette

Revolution London Ultra is a professional kit that comes with handy 32 colours. The mix of these 32 colours is the combination of shimmer and matte shades. These colours are the best selection of nude and neutral tones.

It offers a wide variety of shades to blust any season in day or night. These exclusive colors are peach, silver, gold, bronzes, copper, taupe, midnight blue, and bottle green. Whether you want a smoky or natural eye, this eye shadow palette is best to give the eyes a dramatic look. The longevity and pigmentation are exceptional as it doesn’t need any single touch up for at least five hours. 

Key features:

  • Amazing pigmentation that lasts up to five hours without any touch-up. 
  • Offers a wide range of colours.
  • Comes with a big mirror in the lead. 


  • This is of 20 grams quantity
  • Multi color palette
  • Easy to use and blend
  • Has full size mirror  on the palette
  • This is for all skin type
  • Can be used wet or dry depending on your desired intensity


  • Not at all waterproof

2. Lakme 9 to 5 Quartet Eye Shadow

Relish your dream eyes with these vivid colours packed eyeshadow. Get a defined finish for the eyes with versatile palette eyeshadow. The shimmer particles with the radiant glow, this eyeshadow creates a dramatic look for the eyes just like a professional touch.

This palette is also ideal for the office time formal, and light makes up. However, to create a magnificent bold look at the night party, there is no comparison about Lakme 9 to 5 eyeshadow. The shimmery shades give the eye a bold look and make the eyes attractive. This little palette consists of three colors shadow with rosy touch, and one is golden. These colors can go for every skin tone. 

Key features:

  • Ideal for office wear and any occasion.
  • The colours can go with every skin tone.
  • Affordable and last a long.


  • The radiant and strong color payoff
  • Shimmer particles
  • Quartet with 4 ready to blend color shade
  • Long lasting one
  • Easy to get gorgeous party or festival look.


  • It may do not suit everyone

3. Maybelline New York the Blushed Nudes Palette eyeshadow

Maybelline New York the Blushed Nudes Palette eyeshadow comes with a cute rose gold packaging. This eyeshadow palette comes with 12 neutral shades and two sponge applicators. It can stay up to 6-7 hours without any touch-up. The shimmery gold and satin finish makes the eyes dramatic and can go with almost every dresses almost.

Maybelline blushed nudes palette is available at every makeup store at an affordable price. This eyeshadow doesn’t contain any harmful side effects, and it can blend with your eyes. This eyeshadow palette is specially customized for the Indian skin tone that gives a natural look for the eyes. 

Key features:

  • Blendable.
  • Can go with every complexion. 
  • Perfect for daily wear and occasion wear. 


  • Soft nude tone
  • Highly blendable with an amazing texture
  • Universally flattering and looks natural
  • Suits on all skin types
  • Can get bold rose smokey eyes at night easily with this one palette
  • Easy to get gorgeous party look with highly versatile 12 easy to wear eyeshadow shades


  • Product may leak

4. Wet n Wild Colour Icon Eyeshadow quads, silent treatment

Honestly! This Wet N Wild silent treatment eyeshadow is high quality and chemical-free, and this is absolutely value for money. This eyeshadow palette comes with four eminent shade that are enough to give the eyes a professional look.

The awesome vivid colours of this palette are curated for the funny, casual, smokey and glam eye look. The longevity and high bendability are really appreciable, and if any beginner just wants to do makeup, then this eyeshadow palette will not confuse that person. At this price, such a good eyeshadow palette is really unbelievable. 

Key features:

  • Comes with natural four shades.
  • Can blend nicely. 
  • Extremely affordable and suggested for every beginner. 

Now you know about the four best eyeshadows that can give your eyes a great look. But do you know how you can easily put the eyeshadow in your eyes? If you don’t, then follow me. 


  • This is of 4.5grams quantity
  • Easy to get a too simple look in just 4 seconds
  • A mixture of matte shades and shimmer
  • This product blends so well
  • Good to carry while travelling
  • Best for beginners


  • Not any

Tips for Applying Eyeshadow

Tips for Applying Eyeshadow

Tip 1# Use the finger.

You don’t need to use any special brush for applying your eyeshadow. You can simply apply it by using your fingers. If you are in a hurry, then you can use this trick. For applying eyeshadow with the finger, you just have a creme eyeshadow palette. 

Tip 2 # Don’t use an eyeshadow that doesn’t go with your complexion shade.

You should wisely choose the eyeshadow for you. As a mismatch can hamper even your gorgeous look easily. So let’s see what the experts say about it. 

  • Creamy shadow: Creamy eyeshadows are best to apply as a base colour, as it gives single and solid coverage. 
  • Loose powder: These colours are best to look at your eyes dramatically. But you need special attention to apply it as it can be messed up. 
  • Pressed: These eyeshadows are used commonly because it can blend efficiently. 

Tip 3 # Don’t miss your primer.

Primer helps to stay the eyeshadow for a long hour. It can easily help you from creasing. If you are using a translucent powder, then apply a light layer of eyeshadow over it to give it a bright look. 

Tip 4 # Figure out which colour is for which part.

How you will shade and shape your eyes, generally depend on some general guy such as:

  • Light colour: It works best as a highlighter at the brow bone part.
  • Second lightest colour: These are appropriate for use over the lids. 
  • Dark colour: Generally used in the outer corner to give a nice finishing.

Tip 5# Blend it slowly.

Blend the shadow properly over the eyes. Blending means combining each and every colour efficiently. So you shouldn’t stop at any moment until it gets finished. 

Tip 6# Match the season and time

Putting the eyeshadow on eyes is easy, but matching the weather, season and time is daunting. The bold smokey look doesn’t play a role for the daytime because for the daytime party you should go for the natural look for the eyes.

How to choose the correct Eye Palette

Many women find it difficult to choose the correct eye palette for their eyes. The use of an eye shadow palette will help the women to reduce the amount of clutter in their room.

Finding the range

It is important to note that the correct range should be found out. It is always recommended to buy an eye shadow palette that has all types of mixtures. It should have light and dark shades too. Shimmery shades are also required. So, it is important to note that finding an eye palette that has all the mixtures is a good idea instead of buying one just because it looks good.

Choose the eye palette according to the color of your eyes

For those who are having black and brown eyes, burgundy is the most suitable tone for their eyes. If you want to look normal, then it is best to choose one which has different shades of brown. If you feel that you want to look more sexy and cool then you can choose a midnight blue or a dark blue color.

For those who are having blue eyes, it is good if they wear something purple or different shades of lavender. If you have green eyes then you can choose some warm colors like beautiful mustards and warm beaches too.

Give preference to quality

It is important to note that quality is more needed than quantity. You will find an eye palette that has around 52 shades but doesn’t have proper pigmentation. It is best to choose an eye palette that is suitable to your eye color and is matching your personality also.

Finding an eye palette in your budget

Mostly, the good brands are very costly and they can’t be afforded by everybody. But, you can always try to figure out the brands which come under your budget. You have to do research about the different product range offered by reading their reviews and all. You can also try using it in the shop and figure it out whether you like it or not.

Do the basics right

It is recommended that while choosing an eye Palette choose one which is nude and also smoky at the same time. Smoky ones usually have a grey or two and shimmery is also highlighted. The nude ones need taupe, beige, and champagne colors. It is good to choose an eye shadow Palette that gives the best look for your eyes and makes you look more attractive.

Use it less if you are not sure

If you are not sure whether to apply it or not, it is good that you mix it with neutral to make it a bit white. This will give you a decent look.

Experiment more

When you are not sure about what to apply and how much to apply it is a good idea to try an experiment. You don’t have to use everything at once. Just you need to focus on giving a simple look to your eyes. Shadows can be used as liners also.

These are some of the factors to choose the correct eye palette.


These all are tips and tricks to put the eyeshadow on the eyes. Eyeshadow plays a vital role in makeup. So choosing the right eyeshadow with the right shade can enhance your look to its fullest. So choose the best color for the best of the best eyes. 

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