IPS Cambodia: Your Gateway To Prime Cambodian Properties

The initial and ideal reach for an investment in the real estate agency is the service providers. Investing in prime properties is a huge investment and necessitates specific requirements and amenities. Locating an ideal property yourself that fulfils your needs and amenities is often challenging. Real estate services are aware of the location of the luxury properties, the amenities they have, and the facilities that could be accommodated as per the client’s preferences.

Many service providers have their properties’ listings with specific amenities in different locations. But, IPS Cambodia is the ideal gateway to prime Cambodian properties since it has its perfect listing of properties at prime locations to buy property in cambodia. So, let us check how IP Cambodia helps investors and individuals get the ideal prime Cambodian properties.

The Need For Prime Properties In Cambodia

Prime properties are always in demand and much needed by investors due to their considerable prospects and higher returns. People who need to accommodate prefer prime properties since they have many unique amenities and proximity to many services and utilities. The location of such properties is also fruitful as the areas often have large shopping complexes, offices of leading companies, transport, eateries, hotels, and much more.

These prime properties’ locators are experienced; they know the number of available properties, the amenities they contain, and the prospects. They satisfy investors with the available property options at reasonable rates. They negotiate the prime property’s price that the customer selected and help them in getting the best price. So, the customers always need real estate services to execute the right investment.

Why Is IPS Cambodia Your Gateway to Prime Cambodian Properties?

Locating Prime Properties

IPS Cambodia is the ideal real estate service provider that helps investors locate and invest in the best prime properties. Their listing helps clients choose from a wide range of prime properties. Customers can, therefore, check all the properties, their prices, location, size, and amenities.

They can also arrange for a property visit to let you explore the available prime Cambodian properties at your preferred or most profitable location.

Checking Amenities

Prime properties often have enticing amenities, including a kids’ zone, swimming pool, supermarket, landscaped gardens, fitness and yoga centre, community hall, cafeteria, restaurant, or other facilities. The agents can inform you about the available amenities in your selected property, or you may ask them to check the properties that have the amenities you require.

Checking amenities beforehand will help you enjoy the modern lifestyle. You may also check the properties equipped with smart home technologies, eco-friendly features, and architectural designs with smart security systems.

Evaluating The Property

Evaluating the property is crucial since its condition must be deteriorated or have considerable hidden issues. A professional inspection by experienced real estate agents is necessary since they can easily figure out the property’s condition. These issues might need repair or maintenance work and must be addressed before making the deal of buying Cambodia’s prime properties.

Negotiating Property Price

The property’s value is the first consideration that every buyer or investor wants. When you plan to invest in a prime property, you always try to get the best deal, and the amount you agree on is worth it. Real estate agencies’ role is crucial for property valuation since they know the current price range of the property type as per its location and condition.

They also know how much can be negotiated with the property’s owner. So, they try their best and give the investors the best deal at an affordable price.

Documentation And Processing

Processing the deal and finalising it includes proper documentation that the professionals often look after. The dealers take care and guide investors about the required documents and how to prepare them.

Legal Framework Guidance

The Cambodian legal framework has specific considerations that need to be adhered to by the investors. It helps them avoid missing anything, as non-compliance may result in adverse effects or deal cancellation.

Prime Properties Listed at Ips Cambodia

  • 3-bedroom premium condo in J- Tower 3, Tonle Bassac, Phnom Penh- 320,000 USD
  • 5-bedroom luxury villa in Sambour, Siem Reap- 820,000 USD
  • 9-bedroom luxury villa Along Mekong River, Chroy Changvar, Phnom Penh- 5,500,000 USD
  • 11th floor, 2 Bedroom Condo for sale in Embassy Residences, Phnom Penh- 370,000 USD (2,400/ sqm USD)
  • 26th floor 2 Bedroom Condo for sale in J- Tower 2, BKK1, Phnom Penh- 235,500 USD (2,587/ sqm USD)
  • Time Square 6 Condominium at Street 302, BKK1, Phnom Penh- 81,806 USD (2,045/ sqm USD)


Buying a prime property is a significant decision as it is a long-term investment. When making big purchases of prime Cambodian properties, it is crucial to seek local guidance and assistance. Some features offer convenience and luxury in the prime properties to provide you with an effortless stay.

The pricing expertise, property evaluation, locating prime properties, evaluating them, checking amenities, guidance on the legal framework, price negotiation, documentation, and processing the deal make IPS Cambodia your gateway to prime Cambodian properties.

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