Embarking On The IVF Journey: Why Jaipur’s Residents Choose Aastha Fertility

Do you know why many couples face fertility issues and opt for IVF treatments? The one main reason in Jaipur and India is people getting married later in life due to work and lifestyle changes. With this, many couples have also started facing fertility issues as fertility declines with age.

If you want to consult a clinic for an IVF treatment in Jaipur, contact Aastha Fertility Care, the best IVF center in Jaipur.

Also, with changing lifestyles and eating habits, many people suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, constipation, and symptoms of PCOS/PCOD. Therefore, in this blog, we will learn about IVF, its process, and other things related to IVF treatment.

What Are Some Of The Most Common Reasons To Choose IVF In Jaipur?

IVF is the most common treatment people choose for their fertility issues. So, if you want to know why you can opt for an IVF treatment, read this further.

Tubal Factor Infertility

The most common issue is that women choose an IVF treatment. It is the condition where the fallopian tube is damaged or majorly blocked. Therefore, during IVF, the specialist implants the fertilised egg in a laboratory setting outside a woman’s body.

To Preserve Eggs

Many couples don’t want to have a baby at a certain age because of work, finances, health, etc. In these cases, people preserve eggs to plan a treatment later and have their baby.

Male Infertility

Females and males, including low or bad-quality sperm count, face fertility issues. Another reason can also be poor sperm motility, which means the sperm cannot travel much so that it can fertilise the egg. So, through intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), this problem can be solved, and a good quality sperm will be directly placed into the uterus.

Genetic Disorders

People often opt for IVF when they don’t want their child to face genetic disorders like diabetes and other diseases. In this case, people opt for IVF and use donor eggs or sperm, which depends on the couple.

IVF Process In Jaipur?

Ovarian Stimulation

In this step, the specialist uses fertility medicines to let the body produce multiple eggs in a single menstrual cycle. Therefore, through medications, the body of a woman produces hormones and generates eggs, which the specialist can use for an IVF treatment.

Egg Retrieval

Then, the produced eggs are retrieved through surgery. In this process, an IVF specialist inserts a very thin needle into the va*ina, which can help recover the egg without damaging the egg and the uterus. Later, a suction is created to remove the leftover eggs from the uterus.


If the male sperm is healthy, the retrieved egg is fertilised with sperm outside the body. This process requires effort and professionalism, as all is done through ICSI.

Embryo Culture And Transfer

Then, to ensure the egg gets fertilised, it is kept in a lab where the embryos grow. There is a medium inside which the embryo is grown as it requires certain nutrients as it gets inside a woman’s body. After that success, the embryo is placed into the uterus using a catheter.

Pregnancy Test

This is the last step, where after two weeks, women are suggested to take a pregnancy test to confirm the pregnancy. Otherwise, this process is repeated if the couple wish to.

Aastha Fertility Care- The Best Fertility Clinic For IVF In Jaipur

If you live in Jaipur, you might be confused about which IVF clinic to choose because there are many. One clinic that we suggest is Aastha Fertility Care, but do you want to know why? Read the benefits of choosing Aastha Fertility Care for your IVF journey.

Customized Treatment Plans

The best thing about this clinic is that they give every couple personalized treatment plans for IVF after considering their fertility issue. Because of this reason, their team can succeed in most of their IVF cases.

Cost Of Treatment

The other reason to choose Aastha Fertility Care is their affordability and value of the money. Their treatment not only ensures you get the best service but also their team and specialists are available to solve all your queries and tell you the process of IVF cost at every point. Besides, they also suggest changes in lifestyle and eating habits to increase the chances of a child.

Reviews And Success Rate

They have a team of qualified and experienced specialists who have been on this path for over 15-20 years. Therefore, they get a high IVF success rate, while most people going for an IVF treatment in Aastha Fertility Care give good reviews.


So, now you know how important it is to consider the process, price, and experience while choosing a fertility clinic for your IVF treatment. And what’s better than a clinic that offers customised treatment, good care, and support to all their patients, just like Aastha Fertility Care?

Don’t wait for more; contact Aastha Fertility Care today for a free consultation.

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